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Restival 2023: Santosha | Revolutionary Joy
is a 2-day complimentary online yoga retreat + festival to support your deep restoration and rejuvenation.

Anyone can participate!

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Yoga Restival LIVE - Drop in to 1,2 or many unique classes or watch the replay the following week!

January 21 & 22, 2023, we’ll gather LIVE online from 10AM-5PM PT to dive into community and yoga. We’ll have over 15 guest experts sharing everything from asana, pranayama, mantra, mudra, journaling, art, music or any other resonant yoga practice that facilitates joy and rest. You’ll experience classes you can find only here, live!

Post-Restival After Party

In the week after the Restival event, you’ll continue to receive teaching segments that you can tune into whenever works for you, to continue to cultivate revolutionary joy and to encourage rejuvenation and rest. You’ll also have a chance to catch up on Live event recordings if you miss anything over the weekend. There will be 30+ sessions total! 

Oracular Approach

Come to what you can or watch the replay. Drop in to 1 or many of the classes! An oracular approach invites you to get in touch with your inspiration - like opening a book to a page and reading what wisdom is there for you! 

You can join live for one - or plan to join for a few! You’ll get access to the recordings during the rest of the week - so trust your intuition and don’t worry about missing out!

Take 1 or many FREE Yoga Restival classes.

This one-of-a-kind experience can only be found here with


Harpinder Kaur Mann

"Connecting to our Inner Light: Burning Away Avidya (Ignorance)"

Acharya Shunya

"Santoshi Mata: Goddess Lakshmi’s teachings on Cultivating Inner Contentment"

Michelle Cassandra Johnson

"Honeybee Dreams: Rest and Restoration"

Melissa Ruiz

"Rich Rest for Leaders"

Layla Saad

"Self-Care & Sustainable Changemaking"

Melissa Shah

"Pranayama For Rest"

Asha D Ramakrishna

"You are a Seasonal Being"

Dr. Rocio Rosales Meza

"Decolonization is Rest"

Swami Chidananda

"Introduction to the Bhagavad Gita"

Tina Strawn

"Prioritizing Your Peace & Pleasure By Any Means Necessary"

Sunaina Madhav Dāsī

"Santosha and Social Media"

Uthara Ramesh

"Chakra Activation"

Asha Frost

"You are the Medicine"

Angie Tiwari

"Rest Into The Kleshas"

Kellie Livingstone

"Yoga Therapy for the Nervous System"


"Yin & Restorative Yoga for Self Acceptance"

Divya Balakrishnan

"Joy of the Yogic Way"

Henika Patel

"Nourishing Tantra Yoga for Pleasure"

Mirabelle D’Cunha

"Adbhutā Ananda: The intriguing proposition of dancing with all possibilities"

Manoj Dias

"Befriending our Bodies"

Kerri Kelly

"Radical Recovery: A Restorative Practice to Heal Us Forward"

Nikki Myers

"Yoga for Recovery"

Seane Corn

"Restorative, Nourishing Asana"

Ashley Adams

"Black Prana"

"Yoga Asana for Rest"

Charlotte Nguyen

"Nothing Special & The Joy of Being Ordinary"

Kino Macgregor

"Gentle Asana"

Denise Druce

"Soft Edge of the Hard Place"

Anjali Sunita

"Nasya: Ayurvedic Wellbeing from the neck up"

Andrea Ramos Campos

"Compassion Through Rest"


"Rest as a Groundwork for Revelation and Imagination"

Susanna Barkataki

"Living Authentic Yoga Every Moment"

Zahabiyah Yamasaki

"Embodied Boundaries, Reclaiming Rest and Protecting Your Joy"

Rachel Chase

"Express Your True Self"


Rest, Empowerment, Balance, Hope and Joy

Are you ready to soak up care and rejuvenation for yourself
and reset your energy for the new year ahead?

Yoga is not about doing more, but doing less!


Susanna Barkataki is a yoga teacher known for guiding students in living the roots of yoga.

She's the author of #1 International Bestseller in Yoga Embrace Yoga’s Roots: Courageous Ways to Deepen Your Yoga Practice.

M.Ed, E-RYT 500, Yoga Therapist, her Embody Yoga’s Roots yoga teacher trainings are currently shifting the paradigm of what yoga looks like in the West.

She's hosted Restivals for 10 years. Her latest program, Yoga Class Curator, is the place to be beyond YTT, a year-long space to be supported by, truly deepen, practice and live authentic yoga all year round, in every moment.

Her gift is storytelling from the roots of yoga and making complex philosophical topics down to earth, practical and do-able for students of all experiences. She knows authentic yoga practice and teachers change the world!

During the Yoga Restival, you get to...

Relax and receive

Cultivate joy and rest

Learn authentic yogic wisdom for renewal and resilience

Rest, recharge and replenish in mind, body and spirit 

Be part of a community of like-minded yoga practitioners

You do THE MOST! What about caring for you?

You nurture your family and friends with smiles, hugs, and care.
You serve your students by showing up at the yoga studio, in your community or online to teach – no matter whether you’re feeling tired, sad, or excited that day.

Are you feeling the need for deep rest? Wish you had a moment to slow down, to be nourished by community, and to reconnect with your vitality and joy?
Is it time to re-discover your essence of joy?

During the Yoga Restival, you’ll receive teachings on asana, pranayama, mantra, mudra, journaling, art, music and other authentic yoga practices, designed to bring you a deep sense of relaxation, restoration & joy.

If you’re…

  • feeling weary,
  • losing your spark, 
  • experiencing exhaustion, or 
  • simply want to go deeper in nurturing your relationship with the Niyamas
    (yoga’s Inner codes for living connected, soulfully, and spiritually) 

then this event is for you! 

Meet like minded yoga practitioners and come together to joyfully celebrate yogic culture, rest, and play!

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